Changes are coming... Are you ready? I know we are!

Episode 4 May 10, 2022 00:09:46
Changes are coming... Are you ready? I know we are!
Movie Deputy
Changes are coming... Are you ready? I know we are!

May 10 2022 | 00:09:46


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Speaker 0 00:00:01 Hello, everybody. Let me see for a second here. Testing testing is this thing on, well, <laugh> the reason I might do that is because yes, my microphone is working, but it has been a long time to, you've heard from me and I do apologize. We've had some kind of family issues and things that needed to be taken care of all cut up, but nothing too serious, but it was enough that it distracted me from doing this for a while. And then I've been in the process of getting things in motion to make a lot of changes to movie deputy now, for those who have never listened in, and this is their first time I am the deputy of movie, And if you're at all familiar with movie,, I think you're gonna be excited about the changes we're gonna be making soon. Like I said, I have been gone for a while, but I am back or I'm still, I'm not a hundred percent certain if we're gonna jump back into the full schedule here, right off the bat, but within the next few weeks, so maybe next month or two things are gonna start looking a lot different since I started these podcasts, my traffic on the website has gone from just minimal to almost N <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:01:20 And it's, it's almost bittersweet because it's like movie. Deputy is my baby. I love movies. I love doing this. And I love coming here to talk to you about changes and stuff like that and the movies and like what's coming up and what I've seen and what's worth watching and what's just plain old, blah <laugh>. So, and a little bit of everything in between. I have seen some movies recently, so I'm going to be back talking to you more. I'm hopefully gonna have an episode or one or two up maybe by the end of the week of this week. I know my typical schedule is Tuesdays for movie recaps and Thursdays for upcoming movies. And I'm not sure if that's gonna change at all yet, but I keep referencing this change. That's gonna be happening. And I figured I'd better explain what it is. Well, the, there are currently 1,789 movie reviews on movie, Speaker 0 00:02:22 But movie, I guess, is not what the people are typically interested in anymore. Especially since I started this. So what I'm gonna be doing is I'm gonna be going through each and every one of my movie reviews and I'm going, what I'm gonna do is I'm basically gonna read to you what I wrote and add in commentary and things like that. Because one of the things I always strived for on movie deputy was that everything was in 300 words or less with no spoilers ever. And that was like my biggest draw. The fact that it was just short, sweet, concise to the point. And I don't don't give anything away and Speaker 1 00:02:58 I'm, I'm gonna be sticking to that, especially as I'm going to be transferring these reviews from basically what you can just read on a screen to where you can actually audibly hear me. These audible versions will be available here on our podcasts and they are also going to be available on our YouTube channel. So if that's something you wanna check out, be sure to subscribe to our, to the, eh, can't talk today. Be sure to subscribe to the movie, deputy YouTube channel as well. Pretty much every social media platform. We have a movie deputy represenation under the movie deputy name. Unfortunately I'm not as active as on, on a lot of those. And the movie deputy YouTube channel has primarily been used for like movie trailers and things like that, but I'm gonna be expanding that out a whole lot more. Now I'm not getting rid of movie, Speaker 1 00:03:51 The website will still exist with all of these changes, but instead of having all these movie reviews on there, it's going to have information on the podcasts information on what's going on in the YouTube channel. It's gonna have links to everything so people can find it easily. And it's just gonna be a lot more user centraled and <affirmative>, and have I'm trying to figure out the right words to even put that in. And now I'm not actually gonna edit this down. I haven't done this in a while, but yeah, I'm not gonna edit that, that much, that far down. And I'm also gonna be doing a lot more bonus episodes. I'm kind of leaning in the couple different directions with doing those. I've still got a few interviews coming up that I'm in the process of rescheduling that I had had lined up prior to kind of everything going haywire. Speaker 1 00:04:41 But another kind of amazing thing that we've done is movie. Deputy now offers a retail shopping experience on a couple different platforms. And once I get that a little bit more sold, sorted out, not sold out, sold out will be great. But once I get that a little bit more sorted out, I will also have links to the whole shopping information. Not only just on, uh, my, the comment parts of my podcasts on here, but I'm also going to have the information on movie, Like I said, the website itself is not going anywhere, but as people don't have as much of an interest in the reviews on movie, anymore. Now I'll, I'll kind of give you an instance. We were up around anywhere from 35 to 50,000 kind of basically, if we had less than 25,000 in a day, it was a bad day, but we are literally like we, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Speaker 1 00:05:43 Less than that. Yes, I'm being overly dramatic. And I just think it's fun to be overly dramatic, especially when I've just kind of sunk into a hole that I'm still trying to find my way back out of a little bit. I, oh, I've kind of talked a little bit before on the fact that I consider myself neuro divergent. I am on the autism spectrum. And so when things kind of go haywire, like they did a little while back and I just kind of faded into the distance a little bit. I, I was really struggling. I suffer from depression, anxiety, and PTSD, and I rarely do my best to try to function through all of this <laugh>. And of course, I try to do everything with movie, deputy and stuff with that. It's like, this is my voice, but that's not the only reason that I'm making this change also. Speaker 1 00:06:37 Um, with age comes a few issues and I suffer from some autoimmune issues as well as some pretty severe osteoarthritis. So I am slowly, very slowly, thankfully, um, losing abilities to do things as much as I used to with my hands. Like at one time I could type over 70 words a minute. My, I took a typing test a few weeks ago, just for shits and giggles. And I was only about, I think 32 or 34, something like that. I don't remember the exact number, but so that's gone way down and the mistakes have gone way up. And the, it was like a, just a other bunch of other little health things going on. And I don't wanna stop doing what I love doing, which is all of this. And talking to all of you and trying to help you figure out what's watchable. And what's not, <laugh> just kind of a mixed bag, but I hope you stay along with us on this journey. Speaker 1 00:07:36 I invite you to like, and subscribe to our channels. We are on all of the major platforms we have, uh, just our ma BA main channel called movie deputy. Then we have our channel called upcoming movies, which like I said, is typically our Thursday show, but we're still working on getting back on a schedule with that. And then of course our movie recaps, like I said, we had those on Tuesday. I will probably try to get one of those movie recaps up by the end of this week, even though won't, it won't be on a Tuesday, but I would, we'll do my best to try to get that up on there for you. And then I am trying to come up with some ideas for the name of the one that's just gonna be just individual movie reviews. And I thought that I might include those under the movie recaps or that I could just create an entirely different channel called movie reviews. Speaker 1 00:08:31 I would really love your input on that. So if you wanna drop me a message on your input on that, it is really simple. It's just movie [email protected]. And that, that will go directly to me because I am the only one that ever checks this email address. <laugh> but I wanted to reach out and let you guys know, Hey, I'm still out there. Hence the whole testing testing that I was doing in the beginning, cuz yes, of course my equipment still works and yes, of course my voice box does too. And my brain, I just gotta get 'em all on the same page so that I can bring this information to you in the most informative and the most fun way possible. I have a lot of humor. I am just off the wall. I am weird. I'm goofy, I'm giggling and I am a self-proclaimed dork <laugh> and I take all of that as stride. And for me, I think that's a good thing and I truly have missed all of you and I've missed the messages and things like that. So thank you for those who have continued to listen through this kind of weird time with everything. And I look forward to the more conversations that we will have, and I can't wait to talk to you again soon. Bye for now.

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