Controversies and the Creation of Movie Deputy

July 12, 2023 00:17:16
Controversies and the Creation of Movie Deputy
Movie Deputy
Controversies and the Creation of Movie Deputy

Jul 12 2023 | 00:17:16


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Addressing some issues that have come up and talking about the inspiration and creation of Movie Deputy

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Hello everybody and welcome back. I wanna take a second and reintroduce myself. My name is Jennifer and I am the deputy of what was formerly movie and has progressed into movie deputy podcasts. We are a company that is just over nine years old and I just kind of feel it's important to kind of touch on a few things. With today's show. I am taking a lot of heat for the last couple reviews that I've posted did both positively and negatively. And you're like, okay, how can a positive review basically kind of create heat? People say people, um, trying not to name names specifically cause I don't wanna call anybody out, uh, big names. And, uh, just everyday people have said that I'm coming across as fake. And that's one thing I don't ever want to come across as I naturally have somewhat of a bubbly personality, but I also struggle. Speaker 0 00:00:57 I am physically disabled, which a lot of people don't realize. My life prior to the accidents that I was in was completely different than my life today. I used to be an avid runner. I acted very physically. I'm actually kind of a gearhead. I grew up working on cars and things like that until you're like, okay, how does that relate to movie deputy? And, and I'm gonna get to that so just bear with me. But my life changed a lot after an accident that I was on back in 1997 and I spent the, the next three months in and outta the hospital. And after that there was a lot of things I couldn't do anymore. So I had to learn to relearn a lot of things, somewhat limited my mobility. I had a pretty severe back injury that it didn't paralyze me, but it definitely limited a lot of what I could do and I kinda learned to adjust to the new normal at that level, which it was not an easy task by any means. Speaker 0 00:01:49 I have had a lot of problems with joints and stuff since then and a lot of other physical issues. And then I also have some heart issues as well. So combined, it just kind of knocks me down every once in a while. And as the older I get, the more days it knocks me down. And so that's just part of it. And like I said, I had learned to live my life at that version of normal for a long time. And then in 2013, I actually was involved in another accident. Now I wanna state both of these accidents were not of anything of my fault. The one I got t-boned in an auto accident, the 19 97 1 and the one in 2013, it was a ho accident involving a horse. I got thrown off at a full run into a wall head first. So as you can imagine, the injuries were pretty severe from that. And then so after that, what little I could do was limited even more severely further than it was. And at times the recovery from that has been very difficult. And okay, I'm 10 years post accident now from that one, and I am still having to relearn how to do things. And I still have to accept days when I can't even sit here in my office in this chair with my feet down for long Speaker 1 00:02:58 Periods of time because the pain is just excruciating and there's many times I'm in tears. So I I'm definitely not trying to ignore anybody or trying to go long periods of time just to quote unquote create and trust was what one person said. No, I'm not trying to do the whole bait and switch thing with you guys at all. There's just days that I can do things and days that I can't. And I do try to do things more often than not because I feel doing this is important. And you may be wondering, okay, how did she do about all this? And the thing is, I am not even a time to go writer by trade. I actually went to college. I had a double major in accounting and business law, so <laugh>. But for years I've written poetry and I've always been drawn and what's what, at least I would call an emotional writer. Speaker 1 00:03:50 Like I was never inspired to write anything or like anything involved with writing unless it was a H high emotional time or a low emotional time. And as you can imagine, recovery from these accidents left me at a pretty low emotional time at times. I also struggle with depression, anxiety, and ptsd. And so just day-to-day activities can be difficult. And I'm not using any of this as an excuse and I'm not saying, oh, feel sorry for me, pity me. No, I don't wanna be treated any different than anybody else. I do as much as I possibly can on my own. And I absolutely hate asking for help. Thankfully, I got some people in my life that know me well enough to know that they are involved in things in my life and they do things before I have to ab ask for help with them. Speaker 1 00:04:41 And it is more appreciated than they know. And so you're probably wondering, okay, how does Movie Deputy come into all of this? Well, after about a year after my accident, almost exactly a year, my accident was April 7th, 2013, and on April 5th, 2014, my husband and I went to go see a movie at the theater. And I, I've always loved movies, I've always like loved just kind of going to 'em and I would usually write something on Facebook about it, just kind of what I thought about the movie. And this is long before I came up with like with my 10 point rating system or anything like that. But I've always liked to rate movies on like a 10 point system. I never thought that the five point system would give kind of a rough estimate even of like how good a movie or how bad a movie was in that range. Speaker 1 00:05:28 But after we had gone to see the movie, God's Not Dead. And you might be wondering, why'd we go see that movie? Well, as I've stated before, I'm not overly religious at all and I like sometimes movies like that because they challenge thought processes. But I actually wanna share with you the status that I posted on that day after we got home from the theater. This is a word for word, my Facebook post from that day, my statuses may upset some, but that is not my intent. I was agnostic for many years. I am now Christian. I see both sides of the argument and God's not dead. I think that Josh, the student, presented his facts in an open and clear way. Though in a class of approximately 80 given by him in the movie, it is difficult to believe that he was the lone one who refused to write God's not Dead and sign the paper. Speaker 1 00:06:18 The other storylines in the movie I felt were a distraction. The boy from China and the Muslim girl didn't give enough of their stories to fully understand what happened to the professor was a very unary, unsatisfactory end. Ugh, I can't talk a very unsatisfactory ending. It happened so abruptly and we weren't able to hear in his own words what he was going to share with the woman he loved. The Duck Dynasty portion seemed almost unrelated to the movie. The only connection was the reporter. Her story was also very anti climactic. Even after she saw the band, we were left hanging as to where her heart was. What I write here is simply my opinion. I enjoyed the movie, but I was disappointed at the same time. If the movie had stayed more focused on Josh and the professor with the pastor story included, I feel it would've been a more conclusive story. Speaker 1 00:07:12 I was so excited to see this movie. I did cry at a few parts, but personally I give it a one thumbs up and two stars. Now, as you can imagine, that's more than a little bit harsh even by my scale. But that, like I said, I didn't necessarily have the deputy scale to go on at that point. At that time, deputy had not even been thought of. A dear friend actually commented on my post. Honestly, he was at least part of what inspired me to do Movie Deputy. You see, after the accident in 2013 there my, I had adjusted to the new normal after my accident in 97 and I knew where my limits were, what I could and couldn't do. Those limits were completely redefined after my accident in 2013. And one of the few things that I could still do was watch movies and I could still write and I'm like, okay, how can I combine those two things and do anything that's worthwhile with that? Speaker 1 00:08:03 So that my friend commented on this video and my husband and I brainstormed for a couple days after that. And then two days after I shared this post, I actually registered the name Movie Deputy. So that was so much excitement, so much everything. Movie Deputy went live on April 14th, 2014. You can tell now we are 10 years old plus. And it's so much has happened. The website went through I think four completely different redesigns and now we're switching over to the podcast only format. A big reason that we are switching over to the podcast only format and why the website has been updated in so long is I am slowly losing dexterity in my hands. And thankfully due to my sound system here in my office, I am being able to share more with you via my voice because my brain still works, my vocal chord chords still work. Speaker 1 00:08:54 Just my body doesn't work so much, doesn't work so great anymore. Like I said, I'm not asking for sympathy. I don't want you to go, oh, poor her. No, I am living my life to the best of my ability. I have my good days, I have my bad days. As time goes on, there's more bad than good, but I absolutely love. But I'm doing with Movie Deputy. I love being able to share things about movies and talk about things that critics have never really discussed before. Age appropriateness, target audience, just kind of a bit of the synopsis of the story without giving too much of it away and talking about the subjects in the movie in a way that's actually like a conversation instead of, I don't, I wanna talk to people, I don't wanna talk at them. And that's what I've always strived to do with Movie Deputy. Speaker 1 00:09:41 And like I said, with the website, even before I started losing some of the dexterity, it was getting harder for me to kind of share all of the what I wanted to share in the reviews. Because on the website, everything was always in 300 words or last with no spoilers. And like I said, I'm always trying to strive for no spoilers because I hate them with a passion. Like Hate is not even a strong enough word for how I feel. People give spoilers on stuff. It's like, no, yeah, everything with Deputy has truly come from my heart. I've just always strived to just do something a little bit different. Now, when movie Deputy went live on April 14th, 2014, there were 25 movie reviews up at that time. Yeah, I know that's pretty pitiful <laugh>, but you had to start somewhere, right? As of today, there are almost 1900 movies that I've watched and I've taken all my notes and everything on, and a lot of them are not up on Movie Deputy or up on the podcast stuff yet. Speaker 1 00:10:40 I have really fallen way behind over the last year and I'm working on getting caught up slowly. So I appreciate all of your patience and everything with that. But I wanted to come on here and address why there's gaps and stuff with some shows. And I'm trying to get back into doing my upcoming movies, podcasting, where I'm talking about the movies that are opening that week. I'm hoping to have a new episode of that this week. I'm, my goal is to get back to Thursdays that the, those will be posted and I'm doing gonna really try to get back to where I'm doing those on a weekly basis. And I'm really trying to have it to where I've got one movie review going live every day. That may end up being a little much for what I'm capable of, but I am doing my absolute best at trying to get that to you as I am truly a one person show, one woman show, however you wanna look at it. Speaker 1 00:11:31 And I don't wanna be seen as a woman owned company or a disability owned company or anything that disparages me from the general population. I don't need to be defined by the things that I'm, the things that limit me physically because my, like I said, my brain still works, my voice still works and <laugh>. So I, I'm just trying my best to do what I can with what I have. And like I said, I absolutely love everything I'm doing with Movie Deputy and I honestly hope you are too. I am hoping that this might give you a little bit more insight into the, and to me, and it's hard. I, I really struggle sometimes with so silly as it sounds with self-worth. I have a, an admitted problem that my husband's like, don't, don't call yourself that. I, I'm very, I'm, we always call ourselves. Speaker 1 00:12:29 We're the, we, we always say that we're our own harshest critics. And I use negative language towards myself quite a bit and I'm working on getting better at that. I'm working on trying harder to see my own worth because there's a lot of things I can't do, but I try really hard to look for what I can. And as you can imagine, that's a little hard sometimes. But I wanna go ahead and share with you what my friend actually wrote that inspired me to honestly create deputy. He wrote a very well written synopsis of the movie. Ever think of Becoming a movie critic, I say this is a positive way. I have not seen the movie, but I have read reviews and what the director was trying to portray is everyone Believes is something Supernatural. This movie was to bring out your hidden potential beliefs rather than it be God or something else. Speaker 1 00:13:26 This has nothing to do with the movie, but there was an atheist who was being interviewed on a TV news show and the host asked this person why he hated Christian celebrating Christmas. He said he felt left out. Why did he feel left out? He believed in something. He believed in something, but he has not found out the answer. A true atheist, if there ever is such a thing, would not be so upset over in Nativity scene. But in a way I feel the movie was trying to help find answers for the person or the people that he just wrote about. And I thought that was a really interesting perspective on the movie that I hadn't even considered. Like, cause I was looking at more of the, the, the storylines in the movie and if they came full circle or if they just kind of left us hanging. Speaker 1 00:14:13 It was, yeah, it was, it was uncomfortable. Now I'm going to actually be having over the next couple days, the four Gods Not Dead movies are going to be for the next four reviews that are going live. I am sure I will gain listeners and I'm sure I will lose listeners based on my thoughts on these movies. But I always tell people, if you like what I'm saying, like the channel subscribe, turn on the notifications, but make sure you're getting the information. It's like if I'm helping you in any way, shape, or form, come back please. But if you find me annoying, if you think I'm being fake, if you think I'm just over the top or if I'm offensive, turn it off. You know where the button is. See, it's like I'm not asking people to listen to this stuff that don't want to, I'm not forcing you to put on your headphones or to turn on your radio or however you're listening from and holding these things to your ears and torturing you. Speaker 1 00:15:13 No <laugh>, I want people to listen because they want to listen. I want people to come back because they want to. I want to know if I'm bringing people joy or and if I'm helping them in any way, shape, or form. So if I am, please reach out and if you're worried about how to reach me, use the hashtag movie deputy or you can just message me even directly on movie Like I said, the website's still up, the reviews are still on there, at least for now. But that will all change with time. But I just kind of felt it was important to address some of the things that I've been hearing in the last couple days because I always say I'm just me and it's hard enough to be myself. I don't know why I would ever try to be somebody else. Literally, life is hard enough without adding to it. Speaker 1 00:16:02 So yeah, this is me. I don't put on errors. I don't pretend to be somebody I'm not. You get, you get me Flaws, flubs, and that's all folks in between <laugh>. I do have a more, a a bit of sarcasm and things like that that come out in people when I see them in real life versus when I'm talking to the microphone here as I'm still adjusting to be able to have a conversation with a large microphone here in my office, <laugh>. But I'm slowly getting better at that and thankfully my precious kitties like to come in and keep me coming. And I've got my ero who's snuggled up here right next to me while I'm doing this, and he is just like, yeah, mom, I'm content. I'm happy. <laugh>, we have five kitty babies, by the way, I hope this has maybe opened some eyes and answered some questions. And I welcome questions if you have any other ones that I, you would like me to answer or even just curiosity is I welcome them. So I cannot wait to keep bringing these movie reviews to you and these special episodes like this one here. But until then, I anxiously await coming back to talk to you more. Bye-bye.

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